May deadline for garden chemical disposal

British gardeners who have stocks of a chemical used to clear ground and kill tree stumps have been warned that time is running out to dispose of them.

The Pesticides Safety Directorate has set a deadline of May 10th for garden and greenhouse owners to get rid of their sodium chlorate.

According to Horticulture Week, Bayer Garden has told growers that there are alternatives on offer, such as the firms own range of advanced weedkillers.

It expects sales of its Super Strength Glyphosate, Long Lasting Ground Clear and Tree Stump Killer to increase over the coming weeks, with gardeners looking to stock up on pesticides to replace their sodium chlorate.

Product manager Alison Mulvaney told the news provider that the deadline offers an opportunity for garden centres to capitalise.

She suggested that retailers should erect signage reminding customers of the requirement to ditch the chemical and train staff in offering alternatives.

Meanwhile, gardeners heading to the Syngenta FloriPro Services summer trials in Worcestershire during June and July will get an early look at the companys 2011 ranges.