Master gardener gives time-saving tips

A master gardener has been distributing advice on how to save time when tending to the garden and greenhouse.

Writing for, Pender County Cooperative Extension horticulture agent Charlotte Glen explained limiting the amount of lawn can reduce the maintenance time.

She explained that although grass is simple to understand and care for, it requires near-constant attention in comparison to other plants.

The expert also suggested horticulturists ensure they maintain the edges of lawns to ensure they do not creep into areas where landscape plants are growing.

Clever gardeners will make use of existing barriers such as paths and decks to separate grass from other plants, she explained.

Ms Glenn suggested using mulch to reduce maintenance by saving water and preventing weeds from growing.
"The most important thing to do with mulch is to apply enough – three inches is needed around trees and shrubs," she said.

Meanwhile, UK TV gardening expert Pippa Greenwood recently stated on her blog that people with soil made up mostly of clay and rocks may benefit from building a raised bed when growing vegetables.