Master gardener gives growing tips

An advanced master gardener has been distributing growing tips to readers of the Fort Wayne News Sentinel.

Jane Ford explained that fall is an important time in the garden and greenhouse world, with numerous tasks to be carried out.

She said horticulture fans should remove any dead or criss-crossing limbs when pruning, but take care not to tend to spring-blooming shrubs and trees until after the bloom cycle is completed.

Those carrying out such tasks should avoid chopping off more than a third of the plant to ensure they do not damage it.

Ms Ford advised gardeners to do any necessary transplanting in the autumn season as the soil is generally softer and easy to work with.

"Plant those spring bulbs you bought," she suggested. "But if you forget and find them on a shelf someplace, you can plant them until the ground freezes."

Meanwhile, Press of Atlantic City has explained what it takes to become a master gardener and how they help out their local communities.