Massive veggies arent too big for TV

A Channel 4 television programme has shown how a builder from Somerset manages to grow his massive vegetables.

Half Ton Veg looks at the story of Ian Stott and his huge produce, giving an insight into how he gets the best out of his giant cabbages and pumpkins.

The nation has gone slightly grow your own crazy of late with numerous schemes springing up to encourage food-growing, including Morrisons Lets Grow campaign.

But Mr Stott explained to the Western Morning News that although his wife enjoys gardening, he is yet to convince her to take up his hobby of veg-growing.

"Shes pretty well into growing flowers and plants for the kitchen. She can see the point to that but she cant see any point to giant vegetables yet," he told the newspaper.

Mr Stott recently gained recognitian for his entry into the UK Giant Vegetable Championships. The six-foot wide cabbage had to be taken in on the back of a pickup truck.

And he clearly enjoys his hobby, claiming that despite only being 36, he intends to continue to grow massive veg right into his 80s.

The show also features two other keen gardeners, with one of them presenting a mammoth 19-foot carrot.