Mass introduction of greenhouses in Canada

Greenhouses are suddenly getting popular in Northern Canada where prices of fruit and vegetables have become so expensive that people have realised that they are going to need to grow their own.

A recent workshop held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was attended by 100 people, all interested in bringing a mass of greenhouses in to combat the problem.

The two-day workshop was attended by Leo Gardiner, the CEO of the Buffalo Narrows Economic Development Corporation who was reported as saying: “It seems like it’s something that we’re way behind on. It’s something we should have thought about before. It seems so simple now.”

He sees the greenhouses as being one way of making fresh fruit and vegetables cheaper for northern residents where prices of fruit and veg are highest.  He also believes it will create jobs and sees it as a way of getting youth in the communities involved.

Saskatoon company Integrated Designs has already been brought in to design the greenhouses to minimize the energy use, maximize food production and be affordable to build in the north.

The greenhouses would function mostly on solar power, but with a wood-fueled boiler as back-up.