Maryland resident turns yard into community garden

A community garden has been started in the back yard of a Maryland residents home, it has been reported.

Laurie Zook decided to plough her third-of-an-acre lawn into six plots after deciding it would be good for the community and the environment, according to

She advertised the plots online and found three local gardeners wishing to help her carry out the work.

The garden now contains a system of rain barrels, drip irrigation, a pond and composters to help sustain it in an environmentally-friendly way.

While two plots are still available, Ms Zook hopes that the price of $75 until September will be enough to entice other members of the community to have a go at growing their own food.

Already planted are a number of heirloom tomatoes, peppers and Brussels sprouts, as well as an eggplant.

A number of community gardens have sprung up around the US – one of which yesterday (April 22nd) won a Nature Hills Nursery Green America Award.