March garden maintenance

After a quiet few months over the winter, horticultural have been given advice on garden maintenance by expert Sven Wombwell.

Writing on online resource UKTV Gardens, Mr Wombwell explains that any bulbs that are beginning to look past it should be deadheaded as this will stop them using up energy on flowers and allow them to focus on growing the bulbs.

Strawberries, meanwhile, should receive a coating of compost so that they have enough organic matter on which to feed.

It is also advisable to get on top of the weeding at this stage so that plants are not deprived of nutrients they need for the months ahead.

However, horticulturalists are advised against becoming too keen to move plants from the greenhouse or conservatory into the garden as an unforeseen frost could wreak havoc on them.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society recently stated that early planting is the key to maximising the amount of edible crops from a greenhouse, suggesting that leeks and Brussels sprouts can be started of in glasshouses in February and March.