March: A Gardening to do list

We have compiled a useful list of tips for March;

1) Late March is a great time to transplant trees and shrubs from your greenhouse to your garden.

2) Now is the time to start pruning your fruit trees. Aim to catch the tree just before the buds begin to swell.

3) Fertilise your garden well in preparation for the growing season ahead.

4) Remove winter mulches from the flower beds. Do this over a period of days to acclimatise your flower beds to any change in temperature.

5) March is the best time to prune your roses. Severe pruning will encourage strong and rapid growth.

6) If you have a greenhouse, sow the seeds of your summer bloomers indoors.

7) Any seedlings that you are growing in your greenhouse and are due to bloom in spring need to be re-potted and moved outdoors.

8) Weeding has already been covered in a previous blog, but a quick reminder that March is the time to get at that them. The earlier your attack the problem, the less of a headache they will give you in summer.

9) Turn your compost pile. Any mulch that you have removed from your garden can be added to the pile.

10) Clean out your birdhouses. Your garden birds will be returning soon, so remove any insects or slugs that have gathered there over the winter months.

11) Repair any fencing and trelliswork that has been damaged in winter storms.

12) Start planting vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce and others, from seed.

13) Get the garden furniture out of the shed. Even though March is unpredictable, there will (hopefully) be some beautiful days ahead. Get ready to take advantage of them.

We would love to hear any further tips you may have.

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