Manchester’s Green Revolution

Manchester is heading for a green revolution after the appointment of the city’s first ever “gardener in residence.”

Expert horticulturalist, Sean Harkin has been selected to spend the next year bringing new life to Manchester city centre, green spaces and encouraging Mancunians to “grow their own”.

A series of projects have been announced including planting wildflowers, nurturing unused plots of land and encouraging the city’s historic canals blossom.

Harkin’s aim is to inspire 1,000 Mancunians to take up gardening, and is using social media to try and engage people and collect ideas from a wide variety of sources.

Sean said;

“We are known in Manchester for our music, creativity, sport and energy. Now I want Manchester to be known for its green spaces – nature taking back the first industrial city.

He added;

“I can’t do this alone so I’ll be relying on the resourcefulness, innovation and get-up-and-go that people in Manchester are famous for.”

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