Making the most of the fall growing season

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been told they do not have to give up their hobby during the colder months.

The cooler weather can be a good time to analyse the success of the summer and may be used to grow vegetables and flowers that fare better when temperatures drop, according to the Examiner.

Horticulturalists should begin pulling up any plants that are dying or not producing anymore, the article suggested.

The room created can be filled with autumn plants, while adding compost to the earth can be useful for improving soil quality, it stated.

"At this time of year, most garden centres have plenty of chrysanthemums and pansies," readers were told.

"Herbs also do well in the fall and can be dried for winter use."

The article also advised it is also a good idea to start planning spring bulb gardens around now, with size, height and colour just some of the things a gardener should think about.

Meanwhile, recently gave garden and greenhouse enthusiasts advice on warming up before working.