Making the most of Autumn gardening

There are a wide range of plants that can be grown and enjoyed during the autumn.
Temperatures are lower during this season, providing you with a much more comfortable gardening experience. With temperatures being lower during this season, there is less risk of problems such as pests and plant disease. Your plants are provided with healthier conditions and are more likely to thrive.

The autumn season is a good time to start preparing your garden for the next year. Spring bulbs can be planted during autumn so that you will have a selection of beautiful plants in time for next spring. Planting bulbs during autum will give your plants plenty of time to develop and you can choose a selection of plants so that you will be provided with a colourful garden. Hyacinths, daffodils, snowdrops and tulips are just a few of the many attractive flowers that you can plant during autumn in time for spring.

Autumn is a good time to consider growing your own vegetables. Growing your own produce provides a wide range of benefits, especially if you grow them organically. With lower risk of pests during autumn, you are much more likely to be provided with healthy, fresh vegetables. Carrots, potatoes, radishes, broccoli, turnip and lettuce are just a few of the many vegetables that you can consider growing during autumn
As the weather conditions are more tolerable during this season, your plants are much more likely to develop properly and some types, such as perennials, require less water. Geraniums, chrysanthemums, and irises are perennials that can be planted and divided during autumn.

Autumn is also a time when your garden may require more maintenance. Dead leaves can make your garden look untidy, but you can make the most of them by adding them to the compost heap or making organic leaf mulch. You can also keep your gardening healthy by pruning your plants. Remove any crowded, broken or weak branches so that your plants are provided with more support and ventilation.

With the right amount of time and care, you can ensure that your plants thrive. Taking the time to care for your plants and garden will enable you to successfully grow a wide selection of plants and will provide you with a healthy, colourful garden for the spring.

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