Making the garden and greenhouse wheelchair-friendly

The story of one Los Angeles resident may be an inspiration to garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who find themselves confined to a wheelchair.

According to the LA Times, Santa Monica resident Alan Toy is expecting to dine on his own fruit and vegetables this autumn after putting in the hours at Park Drive allotments.

The plot belonging to the ACLU Southern California president is one of just three specifically designed for wheelchairs in Santa Monica’s community gardens.

It features raised containers with a lip so he can fit his wheelchair under them at the front, allowing the grower to get his hands dirty and get down to business.

"It does limit my capacity to grow things in the front because it’s only five inches deep, but in the back it goes down to about 18 inches. I’ve grown some interesting crook-necked carrots that come out L-shaped," he told the newspaper.

In other news, the Sequim Gazette reported that Washington State University-certified master gardener Jeanette Stehr-Green is set to give garden and greenhouse tips to growers in the Sequim area of Washington.