Make your mark on a property

People eager to add a truly individual twist to their property – be it in the living room, kitchen or conservatory – could find that a bespoke piece of wall art can be both "meaningful and aesthetically pleasing", it has been asserted.

Sector commentator Ben Naylor makes his comments in the online pages of the Independent, suggesting that people can try designing such pieces of art themselves.

An overhead projector can be used to trace a design onto a piece of translucent plastic, which can then be transferred onto a wall, he explains, adding that silhouettes can look very effective.

Concluding, Mr Naylor suggests that personal photos and other digital images can be printed onto standard wallpaper which can then be used to create a unique look in a space.

Meanwhile, research by financial services provider Halifax recently suggested that carrying out home improvements to a property is becoming an evermore popular pastime for consumers.