Make the most of your greenhouse space

A greenhouse is a place where you can enjoy your gardening hobby to the full. Owning a greenhouse enables you to grow a wide variety of plants, from your own fruit and vegetables to a selection of beautiful exotic plants. However, in order to get the most out of your greenhouse, you will need to use the space effectively.

Here’s how you can make the most of your greenhouse space:

•    Add staging. Staging provides plenty of space to house your plants and will help to keep your greenhouse organised. There are many different types of staging available, so you can easily find something that suits your needs and compliments your greenhouse. Removable staging is ideal, as you can easily change the layout of your greenhouse whenever you wish. Staging is available with slatted surfaces, which will help to provide better air flow for your plants.

•    Choose the right shelving. Shelving will help to make greenhouse gardening more productive. Planning the layout of your greenhouse will help you to get the most out of the space that it provides. Selecting adjustable staging and shelving will enable you to choose a layout that you can make the most of.  Spacious greenhouses with the right type of staging and shelving is essential for tall gardeners. A well organised greenhouse will enable you to fully enjoy the benefits of greenhouse gardening. If you own a large greenhouse, consider selecting shelving or staging systems with wheels, as these will be much easier to move around. This will enable you to experiment with different layouts and decide on something that will enable you to get the most out of your greenhouse space.

•    Keep it clean. Organising a clearout of your greenhouse every now and then will help to provide more space for growing plants. Over time, spilled compost, dead leaves, tools and unused or broken trays or pots can build up in your greenhouse, which will reduce the amount of space you have. Keep the floor of your greenhouse clear, as this will help to reduce the risk of problems with pests. Save space by throwing out any broken pots or tools you no longer need. Keep seed trays and pots neatly stacked. A tidy greenhouse will not only provide more space, but also a healthier growing environment for your plants.

•    Add cold frames or a vinehouse. If you do not have enough garden space to accommodate a large greenhouse, then consider using a set of cold frames or a vinehouse. These structures are perfect for smaller gardens and will help to save space. Cold frames offer plenty of protection for plants and are ideal for those wishing to grow a selection of fruit or vegetables during winter and can be installed in the garden or inside a greenhouse. Cold frames and planthouses provide an attractive feature for your garden and will enable you to grow a variety of plants without using up too much space.

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