Make home improvements green and save

Those considering improving their property should be aware of its green credentials as they will become "more and more important" over the coming years, according to a property expert.

Those thinking of adding a conservatory or carrying out a loft conversion should look into how the improvement would affect the homes eco-friendliness.

Anglian Home Improvements head of communications Melanie Russell explained that an energy efficient improvement could help not only the planet, but the owners finances.

"When you go to sell the property, you are saying to the potential buyer that this house is as energy efficient as it possibly could be and therefore will be saving you money," she explained.

"Its stuff that they dont then have to go on and do

"Also, when the market does turn round in the future, you are going to have a home that is going to be very appealing because environmental issues are going to be at the top of the agenda when the market comes back."

Adding a conservatory or a roof conversion can add value to the home but, as Ms Russell explained, making the improvement energy efficient could help boost the benefits even further.