Maintaining your Gabriel Ash greenhouse

Gabriel Ash offers a range of greenhouses that are designed to keep your garden and plants at their best. The cedar wood greenhouse is not only an attractive addition to your garden but also rot resistant, making it much easier to keep your greenhouse and garden looking at their best.

Selecting a cedar wood greenhouse means that you are provided with a longer lasting structure that requires less maintenance. However, if you have opted for other types of wood, such as pine, then you will need to check for any signs of rot. It is important that you check your greenhouse thoroughly at least once a year so that you can replace any parts that are damaged. Cheaper wood designs will need painting or a preservative to help keep your greenhouse at its best.

Regular use of certain parts of your greenhouse, such as the doors, may cause wear and tear, so you will need to check whether or not your doors need replacing. If you have a hinged door, then a little oil will help to prevent the hinges from sticking and squeaking.

An annual cleanout will help to keep your greenhouse at its best. Any dead plants or garden items that you do need will need to be thrown out so that you can provide enough space and a healthy atmosphere for your plants.

Keeping your greenhouse at its best will help you to enjoy the benefits of adding one to your garden. Any cracked or dirty glass panes will need to be removed or cleaned so that your plants have access to plenty of sunlight.

When selecting a greenhouse, you may opt for a cheaper design if you are on a budget but it may be worth spending a little more on a design that will require less maintenance as this will help you to avoid spending money on repairs in the future.

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