Louisiana residents encouraged to eat fresh food

Residents in Louisiana have been told how they can access freshly-grown organic local produce even if they do now have a garden or greenhouse.

According to an article in the Independent Weekly, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programmes help customers stay healthy and provide a regular, guaranteed source of income for growers.

The idea behind the Earthshare Gardens CSA is that customers sign up on the basis of being guaranteed fresh, in-season fruit and vegetables grown at the site.

They accept that they will pay a set fee for the year and may have to go without in times of catastrophe, such as flooding or drought.

By doing so, they share the farmers burden and are given healthy, reasonably priced food in return.

As well as looking after their own health, people who eat locally grown fruit and vegetables are protecting the environment by limiting the carbon emissions used to transport food.

Those with gardens and greenhouses have the opportunity to provide their family with fresh food for next to nothing."ADNFCR-1495-ID-19585249-ADNFCR"



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