Looking after your Gabriel Ash wooden greenhouse

Gabriel Ash’s range of cedar wood greenhouses not only add plenty of beauty to any garden but are also designed to provide you with everything you need to properly care for your plants. These stunning greenhouses are not only superior in looks but also in quality, making it easy for you to keep your greenhouse looking at its best.

Cedar wood greenhouses are the best choice for those looking for a longer lasting greenhouse that requires little maintenance. This wood lasts much longer than other types of wood, meaning that you do not have to worry about re-painting or replacing your greenhouse later on. Cedar wood is rot resistant and offers plenty of durability, providing you with a greenhouse that remains at its best even during severe weather conditions.

Cedar wood also contains oils that repel insects, keeping your plants and greenhouse safe from damage. This allows you to avoid using insect repellents that could contain harmful chemicals. Cedar wood also ages beautifully, providing you with a stunning greenhouse that looks as good as new.

Wooden greenhouses may require a mild detergent to remove signs of residue or rot. A good coat of paint may also be required annually, though this may not be necessary if you opted for a cedar wood greenhouse, as the wood will transform into a beautiful colour that keeps your greenhouse and garden looking great.

Cleaning the glass panes of your wooden greenhouse regularly will also help to keep it at its best and provide your plants with plenty of natural sunlight. Any cracked panes must be removed to ensure that your garden and greenhouse provide a safe environment. Broken panes must be replaced immediately to ensure that your plants are kept protected from severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain, frost or snow.

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