Londons Chinatown to be remodelled

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Chinatown in London is to be revamped in order to make it more authentically Chinese, it has been reported.

The Prince of Wales is to oversee the work, which is set to include glazed canopies on street corners that will also include traditional green glass tiles, timber and carved stone, the Times reports.

"Chinatown is all about neon lights, smells, chaotic atmosphere. We don’t want to sanitise it so it loses that special magic but we do want to upgrade the quality of the experience," Tom Welton, a director of Shaftsbury plc, which owns much of the property in the area.

Meanwhile, Suzannah Kwok, a campaigner for the London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA), adds that the work should be directed by the notion of feng shui.

The LCCA was formed in 1978 and states that it aims to serve the Chinese community by responding to the needs of residents and businesses in the Chinatown area.