London venue builds roof garden

Fans of the arts may know the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith for its stage shows, but locals are set to benefit from a new use for the facility.

The roof of the venue has been transformed into a community garden, which is to be opened to the public tomorrow (June 11th).

Having the provision nearby will give locals the chance to escape their daily routine, explained theatre executive director Jessica Hepburn.

It is the work of landscape designers Adam White and Andree Davies, who were commissioned by charity Groundwork London.

"This project is at the heart of what Groundwork does, which is to green up inner city spaces and make places vibrant and safer places for communities to live in," explained Mr White.

He added giving people the opportunity to expand their horticultural knowledge was important.

The Lyric is set to host its Bloomin Marvellous Summer Party on July 11th – an event greenhouse enthusiasts checking out the new addition may enjoy.