London’s Flourishing Green Skyline

Inmidtown – the London scheme which hopes to turn the city’s skyline into a flourishing and sustainable garden by transforming once unloved and forgotten about spaces into gardens that produce fruit, vegetables and  wild flower gardens, is reporting resounding successes.

Major companies such as Coutts and Olswang are taking part in the scheme, in tandem with other businesses from the Business Improvement District for Bloomsbury, Holborn and St.Giles. Inmidtown business manager Mitch Streprans, who has a vision of a much greener urban landscape in the future said;

“It’s just the beginning, there’s massive potential. Of our 570 member businesses probably half could be greened.”

Environmentally, the scheme creates huge benefits for the urban landscape. Having gardens nestled into the skyline will increase rainwater capture, help with sound reduction, improve biodiversity and aid heat retention. The gardens also help foster a positive contribution from people who wouldn’t normally be exposed to gardens in the urban landscape. Food grown is used in staff canteens whilst  healthy lifestyles are promoted thanks to fresh air and volunteering.

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