London attraction to help with foul weather

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has revealed that a new garden attraction is set to open in the west end of London.

A new rain garden will be officially opened in September after work is completed next month, it reported.

Sited at the London Wetland Centre in Barnes, the new facility is designed to absorb water during flash floods, while conserving it in times of drought.

Designer Dr Nigel Dunnett told the RHS that "a lot of discussion about flood control is done by engineers".

"The reason for doing this rain garden is to make it a permanent focus for discussion."

Using a series of hollows and dry stream beds, the Royal Bank of Canada-sponsored venture will feature carefully selected plants such as Heloanthus Lemon Queen and loosestrife.

Meanwhile, the RHS is giving gardeners a chance to win cash in its photographic competition, which is open until the last day in August and offers a top prize of £1,000.