Loft conversions best value upgrade

Recent research has shown loft conversions to be the best value home improvement.

A study by HSBC found adding roof lights and turning the attic into an extra room added an average of £13,567 to the value of the home.

Those building an extension can expect to see an average increase of £13,285, while a conservatory can boost the property price by around £7,042, the study revealed.

As part of the research, home valuation experts from around the UK were asked their opinions on how different improvements would affect the price commanded by a residence.

The least effective improvement was re-carpeting the home, which the survey found adds an average of £1,273.

However, almost half (49 per cent) of respondents believe this would add nothing to the propertys overall value.

Martijn van der Heijden, head of secured lending at HSBC commented: "Todays challenging housing market is making valuers reconsider previously held assumptions of what home improvements actually add in terms of value."

Those who add a conservatory may wish to protect its contents from snooping criminals by adding a fence around the garden, More Than recently advised.