Locust Infestation of Biblical Proportions

No, this isn’t God wreaking his revenge on the nation of Israel, but a swarm of locusts passing over from Egypt to Israel is giving farmers cause for concern.

Locusts are an age old problem in the region, and are renowned for destroying whole farms and moving onto the next patch of greenery as quickly as they arrive. A local farmer from the Holon area said;

“It’s not so scary on a personal level, but I am concerned as a farmer because locusts specialise in destroying crops.”

The Israeli Agriculture Ministry are sending out planes loaded with pesticides, to spray over agricultural fields. This takes place in the evenings, as the locusts alight to rest.

Locusts are known to move with the wind, and currently the wind is coming from the south and east. A swarm of over 30 million locusts has already descended on Cairo, and it is estimated that if they were to head towards Israel they would cause $27million worth of damage.

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