Liverpool renovates 109-year-old conservatory

A historic conservatory in the European Capital of Culture is being restored after more than 20 years of neglect, according to the Liverpool Echo.

The Isla Gladstone conservatory in Liverpools Stanley Park is 109-years-old and will become the centrepiece of the park once more.

Stanley Park is currently in the middle of a £25 million renovation and the conservatory is due to be completed in 2009.

Built in 1899, the conservatory holds many memories for Liverpools citizens.

Kevin McBride grew up in the area and is now Stanley Park liaison officer for DCT Civil Engineering.

"I spent many Saturdays and Sundays playing in the park," he told the Liverpool Echo.

"When I came back all those memories came flooding back, but then I saw the vandalism.

"I hope all the community will appreciate it when it is restored to its former glory."

While the 19th century conservatory is costing in the millions to restore, adding a conservatory to the home is markedly less costly.

Modern conservatories come in all shapes, sizes and styles and can make an excellent addition to any home.