Lighting up the garden can improve your view

The interior design theme of this year has been very much focused on blurring the transition between the home and the garden.

The idea is to create a feeling of openness and light indoors, while taking the comfort and style of the home outdoors.

One way of doing this could be to install a conservatory or lean-to leading out to a terrace or decking to extend the house, while still being able to enjoy the garden area.

Obelisk Interiors design director Lesley Watt recommended that lighting can make all the difference: "Make sure that once you have chosen furniture, floor and wall coverings, you focus seriously on your outdoor lighting.

"Lighting can change the entire ambience of your outdoor room, garden or terrace."

Lighting in the garden can add to the ambience of your conservatory.

Placing lights behind certain plants or water features can make them lovely night time-garden features to extend the number of hours you can spend enjoying the view in the conservatory.