Light-hearted idea wins design award

An innovative lighting scheme in Manchester has won a national award for its creators.

The Manchester Evening News explains that a team of 60 architects and manufacturers as well as interior and lighting designers were involved in the first "guerrilla" lighting project, which saw areas of the municipality illuminated.

Office buildings, the underside of bridges in Castlefield and an area near the Central Library were bathed in multicoloured light via projectors, coloured gels and filters.

As such, the event won the special projects category in the Lighting Design Award.

"Manchester deserves a coordinated lighting design strategy that celebrates its fantastic architecture and spaces which people can enjoy day and night," Laura Bayliss from the Building Design Partnership, tells the publication.

In related news, online resource Glass On Web has emphasised the positive benefits of "daylighting" – which involves the use of natural light to illuminate the interior of a structure, whether rooms have an exterior window or not.