Lending activity still weak, despite rise

Homeowners trying to decide whether to move or improve may be interested in the latest statement from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

Commenting on Bank of England figures showing an increase in the number of home loan approvals, the body noted lending is still low historically.

The Bank revealed there was a five percent rise in mortgages between June and July, with the total for the month standing at 50,123.

It marks a 50 per cent rise from the previous year, but less than half the number of the monthly average for the ten years to December 2007.

"Activity still remains weak, but has improved from the historic low levels of turnover at the beginning of the year," explained CML economist Paul Samter.

He added the body expects levels to fluctuate for the duration of 2009, but stated the recent figures show a slight recovery in the market.

The news could interest the 13 per cent of homeowners recently found by a Sainsburys Finance poll to be considering a structural change such as a loft conversion.