Learn from the master about guerrilla gardening

While most gardeners are content with working in their own garden and greenhouse, some have bigger ideas.

When Richard Reynolds became fed up with the vacant lots and lack of beauty in his London housing estate, he took matters into his own hands by secretly planting on derelict land, helping to transform the area.

Now Mr Reynolds, who has been credited with starting the guerrilla gardening movement in the UK, is touring the country giving talks and slide shows on the subject.

One such show takes place at Okehampton Library and local councillor Sheila Hobden explained the £2 talk is a great chance for gardeners to listen to an remarkable man with similar interests.

"Richard is a fascinating character and Okehampton Library will be one of the first talks he is doing on his current tour," she said.

Volunteers often donate plants and turn up to help Mr Reynolds, who performs most of his work under the cover of darkness.

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