Learn and Laugh with the BSBI

Informative, bizarre and sometimes vaguely bonkers – all serious gardeners should be reading the newsletter from the Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI), according to Plant Biologist Ken Thompson.

Writing in The Telegraph, Ken Thompson explains that the BSBI has fewer than 3,000 members, and is “for everyone who is interested in the flora of Britain and Ireland. From its earliest days it has welcomed both professional and amateur members, and it remains the biggest and most active organisation devoted to the study of botany in the British Isles.”

Apparently, nothing is too weird or trivial to include in BSBI News, and the newsletter offers a wealth of information and fun for those passionate about indigenous plants and those introduced via greenhouses and gardens.

Popular writer, lecturer and author Ken Thompson poses the question: “If you like plants, you have £25 to spare and you’re not a member, I can only ask: why not?”

Author: Robert Smith