Learn about apples at Autumn Harvest Show

Brits who love to grow their own food could get a number of top tips by attending the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Autumn Harvest Show.

Taking place at the RHS Lindley and Lawrence Halls in London on October 5th and 6th, the event will be packed with experts ready to share their knowledge.

One such specialist is Pennard Plants’ Chris Smith, who is set to take his team along to educate attendees on apple growing and harvesting.

They will provide pruning displays and training, as well as a chance to taste a number of types of apples.

Mr Smith explained that the company is using an apple folklore theme at this year’s event to help spice things up even further and show Brits how the apple has been an important part of society for centuries.

He also had advice for those who plan to plant bare-root apple, pear and plumb trees during the autumn months.

"The ground should be prepared with plenty of organic matter (not manure) and a handful of bone meal. Plant the tree at the same level as in the nursery and stake it," the expert advised.

As well as apples, the show will also have a "banquet of chutneys, chillies … pumpkins, carrots and more", the RHS revealed.