Lean To Greenhouses

Just because you've not got a lot of space in your garden does not have to mean you can't enjoy the pleasures of owning a greenhouse. Most greenhouses are A-shaped or double slopped and can take up quite a bit of space but thankfully Gabriel Ash lean-to greenhouses solve this problem. Attached simply to the side of your wall, the Gabriel Ash lean-to greenhouse means you can enjoy all the benefits of a modern greenhouse- without needing to worry about space!

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a Gabriel Ash lean-to greenhouse:

1. Space of your garden

When space is limited, you still have the option of a lean-to greenhouse on the side of your house or fence. A well-designed lean-to greenhouse will take up less space than the common greenhouse. You can set up potted plants and even have a small aquarium next to your home without needing too much space.

A lean-to greenhouse will also add to the aesthetic properties of your home. Beautiful flowers gracing your fence all year round no longer have to be out of reach thanks to a Gabriel Ash lean-to green house.

2. Fuel Costs

The cost of heating a greenhouse is rising due to increasing fuel prices. A lean-to greenhouse on the south facing wall from Gabriel Ash will cost far less to heat in the cold months – compared to that of a freestanding greenhouse.

A lean-to greenhouse on the south side of the wall effortlessly absorbs heat from the sun and radiates it back into the growing area to benefit your flowers and plants.

3. Aesthetics

Front porches and fences can be dull to the eye. Well, a lean to greenhouse can serve as an decorative tool – even in your front porch. You can even use the lean-to greenhouse as a storage space for your main greenhouse.

Gabriel Ash lean-to greenhouses can be constructed into whatever shape or size you require. The only considerations that you will have are the cost and size that you want your lean-to greenhouse to be.

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