Lawns now becoming more popular than decking

Lawn specialists GreenThumb carried out a survey which found that gardeners across the UK now want to tend to a lawn as opposed to dedicating a section of their outdoor space to the once-fashionable alternative of wooden decking.

The findings come as the country this week celebrates National Love Your Lawn Week, which with a series of events planned for this week, will help to show that caring for your lawn is not such a hard task and is in fact something to be cherished.

Having suffered one of the coldest December’s in the last 100 years, the campaign hopes to raise awareness of how best to look after a lawn as the warmer weather approaches.

Joanna Lumley, who has given her backing to the initiative, said: “I’m so glad to hear people are getting rid of decking and replacing lawns. I love to walk on my lawn in bare feet every morning. It’s wonderful.