Latest London icon design revealed

Londons Southbank is set to get a new glass-fronted landmark after a planning application was granted to redevelop York House.

The 18 storey crystalline glass office block was designed by Sheppard Robson and will be another piece of stunning architecture along the banks of the Thames.

The design sees diamond-shaped glass panels joined in a tall structure that will house officers.

A series of small pyramids on the outside of the structure create a diamond effect while glass fins bring changing colour to the building throughout the day.

David Ardill, project architect, said that the new building will be iconic for its glass features.

"What makes the building special is the double skin and layering of the glass which works with the materials to reflect and diffuse light throughout and from the building," he told World Architecture News.

The building was commissioned by Delancey, which wanted to make the view central to the design concept.

Anyone looking out through the glass façade will be able to see another iconic landmark in the Houses of Parliament.

The South Bank features many interesting buildings that use glass, including the London Eye.