Large number of Brits shocked by winter fuel bills

The importance of having a heat-retentive property has been hit home by new figures, which show a high proportion of Brits have been given a shock by their winter fuel bills.

Almost half (42 per cent) of respondents to the survey said they were surprised by how much they had spent on energy over the colder months.

It may encourage those considering buying a conservatory to invest in a quality model to ensure heat does not escape.

The survey also found as many as one in ten will not be able to afford their costly heating bills.

"With winter energy bills landing on the doormat now, it comes as no surprise such a large number of bill payers are experiencing high costs as 40 per cent of annual energy consumption is used over the winter period," said the websites utilities manager Scott Byrom.

He added it is concerning that so many are struggling to afford what they have used and suggested the recent energy price drops will be of little comfort to those already under pressure as a result of the colder months.

Conservatory owners looking forward to the Easter weekend may be glad to hear BBC Weather expects sunny intervals in London on Saturday.