Large number of Brits considering eco-changes in home glazing

Research has found that a significant number of Brits will invest in the glazing of their property over the next 12 months.

Almost one in ten (eight per cent) will install double glazing in 2009, according to a recent survey by energy provider nPower.

Having a stylish double-glazed conservatory or folding sliding doors can not only increase the aesthetic value of the home, it can help insulate heat making the property more environmentally friendly.

With around half of the UK population looking to make their homes more energy efficient in the next year, many are looking to do so by updating the glazing in the house.

While bill-cutting may be an issue, almost two-thirds of those interviewed cite their concern for the environment as their reason for investment.

A sensible three quarters (77 per cent) will further insulate their homes by using blinds on glazing in places such as conservatories, windows, and doors.

According to nPower, energy and money can be saved by using draught-excluders on doors.