Lang berates UK food habits

Tim Lang has written in the Guardian that the people of Britain should use World Food Day to have a look at how their individual eating habits fit into the world food system.

He berates the way in which many in the UK are eating their way to obesity and explains that "if everyone ate like us, wed need three or four planets".

"The harsh reality is that if we dont make changes to the food system soon, a major food crisis will hit," he wrote.

"This isnt a problem for others. Its our problem. UK politicians need to push food policy up their priority list fast."

He outlines a number of concerns facing the world in relation to food and explains that malnutrition and obesity co-exist because of an uneven distribution of food.

At present, only around 60 per cent of the food consumed in the UK is grown here – down 20 per cent since the mid 80s.

One way to redress this is to begin growing our own food, rather than filling the coffers of the supermarkets.

Gardeners who grow their own food will get healthy, fresher foods at a fraction of the cost they pay in the shops.