Lancashire Town Wins £500k Gardening Grant

The small Lancashire town of Todmorden has won the support of Prince Charles and the Big Lottery Fund, and gained a grant of over £500k to launch a new aquaponics project.

Located at the local Todmorden High School, the project is supported by the Incredible Edible Movement, an organisation which promotes sustainable food production. The project aims to educate students in aquaponic technology, a water based technique which utilises fish to provide nutrients for plants.

The £545,000 project will include a hydroponic section, where crops are grown in mineral rich water, and a conventional soil horticulture section.

The aquaponic system will utilise the waste products of Tilapia fish, which will provide nutrient rich water to feed crops. The water will then be cleaned and re-circulated through the system.

The garden is aiming to grow water cress, tomatoes, beans, herbs and other salad ingredients.

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