Lack of space? Then grow a dwarf

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts with little space to spare could consider growing dwarf plants, it has been suggested.

According to Floridian website, such specimens can work in smaller areas, but growers should be aware that they can have very different requirements.

It explained that while some, such as the dwarf yaupon holly and coontie, are not particular at all, others need certain conditions to thrive.

The holly fern, Aucuba and Fatsia all need to be planted in the shade, while those with a sunny garden should choose something like the Ixora, Indian hawthorn or Yucca, all of which require a lot of exposure.

One advantage dwarfs have over regular sized shrubs that have been squeezed into a small space is that they should last longer.

Excessive pruning of larger plants can shorten their lifespan by sapping their energy.

However, dwarves are often slow to recover after damage as they are slow to grow, meaning that gardeners face a tough choice between them and regular varieties.

Meanwhile, has given readers five hints on container gardening – another way to make the most of space.