Kitchen products can be used as fertiliser

Brits planning to spend much of their summer in the garden and greenhouse may be interested to hear the advice of a US website.

According to, a number of kitchen products can be used as cost-effective fertilisers.

One such item is white vinegar, which can be mixed with water to provide a useful plant feed.

The online resource advised gardeners to mix two tablespoons of the product with two pints of water to help boost acidity levels in soil for plants that prefer such an environment.

It also said varieties growing under glass can be fed a diluted mixture of one tablespoon of vinegar in a gallon of water to help increase nutrition levels.

This can be carried out once every few weeks, the website suggested.

Other hints include working used coffee beans and crushed eggshells into the soil to help nourish plants.

Meanwhile, gardeners who find their mint plants seem to be getting damaged with no obvious culprit may wish to watch out for cats – according to, the plants are similar to ingredients found in catnip.