Kitchen extension sliding doors bring outdoors in

The glass sliding doors incorporated into a kitchen extension in a Glasgow villa serve to bring natural light into the structure, a designer has asserted.

Dene Happell makes his claim in an article by sector commentator Greg Gordon in the online pages of the Times, suggesting that his extension provides an interior that is both "functional" and "harmonious".

"With these external sliding doors we can bring the outside in, as the cliche goes," he adds.

Mr Happell notes the extension was necessary as the existing layout of his house included a separate dining room "which really has little bearing on how people live now".

He suggests the new space can be used for a wide variety of functions such as a family room, informal eating area and doing work.

In related news, sector commentator Catherine Smith recently wrote in online resource that sliding doors can be used to close off or open up an area of a living space.