Kitchen extension good way to improve home

The Times has been looking at ways to improve the home in the wake of the housing fiasco.

With thousands of people now finding their property is worth less than when they bought it, the newspaper suggests home improvement as a way of making it a nicer place to live and also of possibly boosting its value.

One idea is to build a glazed kitchen extension to allow a larger dining and cooking area.

Doing so turns the kitchen into more than just a food preparation area; it becomes an entertainment space.

The newspaper looks at the story of Chris and Jan Wright, who extended their kitchen and dining room.

"Weve got the kitchen area with an island, a dining table that seats eight and two three-seater sofas at the other end," Mr Wright explained.

"Our guests can get comfortable on the sofas with a drink and talk to us while we get the meal ready."

The newspaper also suggests putting in a skylight and converting the loft as good ways to improve the home.

According to Halifax, the average house price now stands at just £163,966 – more than 17 per cent down on last year.