Kids to get gardening tips from Waitrose

Child gardeners will be able to pick up some growing tips from a supermarket firm and experts from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) as a road show makes its way around the UK.

Beginning in Surrey this week, the educational events are part of Waitroses drive to educate children in the arts of botany and cooking.

The supermarket is a sponsor of the RHSs Campaign for School Gardening and will use its "Waitrose Pod" – capable of turning into a fully-equipped kitchen – to teach kids how to plant fruit and vegetables, before showing them how to turn them into tasty snacks.

According to RHS head of education Dr Ruth Taylor, the road show is an ideal supplement to the societys actions.

"The RHS Campaign for School Gardening wants to create a legacy of fit and healthy generations who know how to garden, care for the environment and enjoy healthy food," she explained.

Kids have also been invited to attend Creepy-Crawly Week at RHS Garden Rosemoor in Great Torrington, which takes place between May 23rd and 31st.