Kew Gardens to Undergo Restoration

The iconic Temperate House at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in south-west London is to be closed on August 4th as it undergoes a five year renovation. The Temperate House is the world’s largest surviving Victorian glasshouse and dates back to 1863.

The renovation will involve the replacement of glass panels, the repainting of struts and the entire roof being raised. The project is expected to cost around £34million.

The impressive structure is still laid out in original design of its architect Decimus Burton with the south wing hosting African plants, the rectangular hall housing sub-tropical trees, with the north wing housing temperate plants from Australasia.

Some of the world’s most iconic plants are located in the Temperate House, including the tea bush, the quinine tree and St Helena ebony, which were originally thought to be extinct for over a century until specimens were found on a remote South Atlantic island.

Visitors have up until 7.30pm on August 4th to learn how the collection will be cared for during THE restoration.

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