Kent gets new £4 million composting facility

Londons organic waste will be winding its way to Kent from now on following the opening of a new composting facility.

The £4 million facility in Ridham belongs to waste company Countrystyle Composting and will turn waste from both the capital and the local area into compost for use in agriculture.

Over 36,000 tonnes of waste will pass through the facility each year and operations manager Andy Sibley explained its a step in the right direction for eco waste management.

"Capacity for landfill is running out now and we need to look at other sustainable sources," he is reported as saying on

Eco conscious Brits will already know that they can do their bit for the environment by composting their own organic waste, which also acts as an excellent tool for those looking to grow strong and healthy plants in their garden or greenhouse.

Compost bins dont cost much or take up much room and can also save on buying bags of compost.