Keeping your greenhouse protected during winter

During winter, you will need to keep your plants and greenhouse protected. Gabriel Ash offers a wide range of accessories such as heaters and vents that will help you to improve your greenhouse during the winter period and keep your plants at their best.
There are a number of steps that you can take to keep your greenhouse and plants healthy during winter.

One of the first steps you can take is to add any extra heating or lighting to your greenhouse.
As temperatures drop and the days grow darker, your plants will require extra warmth and light to keep them healthy.
There is a wide selection of electric fan heaters and lights that are suitable for all types of greenhouses, so take time to select something that will fulfil the needs of your plants.

To keep your greenhouse organised and tidy during winter, arrange a clearout.
Carry out any maintenance on the outside of your greenhouse before the freezing temperatures hit, so that you can avoid having to do any gardening when the weather is less tolerable.
Mow lawns, clean the panes of glass on your greenhouse and make sure that any dead leaves or plants are removed.
Once you have completed the task of tidying your garden, focus on sprucing up the inside of your greenhouse.
Remove any dead plants, old soil bags and broken tools and make sure your greenhouse floor is clear of compost or other items to reduce the risk of plants disease and pests.
Organise your greenhouse items and clean any staging to keep your greenhouse tidy and free from clutter.

Once your greenhouse is organised, begin arranging extra heating and lighting.
When installing these extra items, make sure you enhance the safety of your greenhouse by also adding smoke alarms.
Electric fan heaters can easily malfunction, so make sure you take precautions to prevent your plants and greenhouse from becoming damaged and keep an extra heater on standby in case the one you have installed fails to work.
For a more affordable and safer option, use special bubble wrap or other items from your garden centre to insulate your greenhouse.

If you do not have one already, install a temperature system or thermometer inside your greenhouse. This will allow you to easily monitor the temperature within your greenhouse to check whether or not it is suitable for your plants.

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