Keeping your Cool in Greenhouse Technology

When you are struggling to keep the warmth and humidity levels constant in your greenhouse in the coming weeks, spare a thought for the “head scratching” going on at Masdar Institute in the United Arab Emirates.

Researchers there are developing a unique greenhouse that is self-sufficient for energy and irrigation water.

According to The National website, the hot, dry climate and the shortage of water in UAE make growing any crops an expensive, difficult and resource-intensive endeavour. The answer could be greenhouses.

 In cold climates, greenhouses are used to keep plants warm. But in hot climates, air-conditioned greenhouses are extremely expensive to run and environmentally unfriendly.

A research project is underway to integrate the latest in solar energy, desalination, and engineering systems and management to design a greenhouse that does not take electricity or water from the UAE’s utilities.

Robin Price of Gabriel Ash said: “We build our red cedar wood greenhouses using traditional craftsmanship and time-honoured engineering standards, but we always keep a close eye on new developments in the industry.

“It is amazing how often greenhouses feature in scientific endeavours, showing that they are not only a burning passion and a wonderful hobby, but also a hot bed of new technology.“

Author: Robert Smith