Keeping thieves out of the garden

Keen gardeners looking to protect the contents of their greenhouse and yard may wish to consider having fences erected, it has been suggested.

Insurance provider More Than warned gardens are attractive prospects to criminals in summer and explained homeowners should not forget their grounds when thinking about security.

"A quick scan around the average family garden and you could find a state-of-the-art barbeque, outdoor heaters, expensive garden furniture and other garden paraphernalia that all adds up to a hefty amount," the insurer explained.

Horticulture lovers looking to get their own back on would-be thieves should plant prickly bushes around the perimeter of the garden, it suggested.

Other ideas include having gates with locks attached and investing in low-energy, high-efficiency lighting to illuminate the garden and greenhouse during the night.

Earlier this year, home insurance firms Halifax and Saga both advised customers to take care during the summer months, as criminals are more likely to target gardens.