Keeping the conservatory roof clean

The Times property agony aunt Aggie Mackenzie has been advising on how best to clean conservatory roofs that have fallen victim to falling leaves.

Left over time, leaves and other organic material can combine with rain and break down into a sticky green mush which can clog up gutters and leave roofs a nasty green colour.

While pressure washers will often remove some of this, Ms Mackenzie advises that a rotary wash-brush is attached to help remove the really stubborn grime.

Soft bristles are a must for dealing with glazed roofs and canopies, while she advised that proper pressure washer detergent will have the best effect.

She also advises treating the cleaned roof with a specialist glass protection kit.

"It’s not cheap and a bit of a faff, but forms an invisible barrier to help repel dirt, and should last between two and five years," she explains.

"It includes a protector that chemically bonds to the glass and repels water, which means you shouldn’t have to clean the glass so often, and when you do, it’ll be easier.

"The kit has all you need for a three to four-bed house, so there will be plenty for your conservatory."