Keep your plants healthy with your Gabriel Ash greenhouse

Gabriel Ash’s range of greenhouses offer a wide range of features to help keep your plants at their best. The Cedar greenhouse in particular is a great choice, as it is rot resistant and repels insects, allowing you to keep your plants and garden looking healthy and attractive. These great features along with your regular care and attention will help to keep your plants thriving, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of successfully growing healthy plants.

Greenhouses provide the perfect environment for a variety of plants but it is still important to remember to provide them with regular care. Greenhouse plants are often susceptible to diseases if not looked after properly, so it is important that you do regular temperature to checks to make sure that the atmosphere is suitable for them. If they are not provided with the right temperature, then their growth could be affected, which is a sign that they have developed a disease.

Another way of preventing disease is to make sure that the humidity level within the greenhouse is not too high. Check how much heat a plant requires before you decide to grow it and be sure to provide your plants with plenty of space between each other to make sure that they have enough room to grow. Plenty of heat is fine if you are growing exotic plants such as cacti but others may not require much heat.

To keep the humidity level down and for better temperature control, you may wish to consider adding an exhaust fan to your greenhouse. This will provide your plants with plenty of ventilation, keeping them healthy and allowing them to thrive. Some plants may require extra heat or light, which can easily be installed.

Keeping your greenhouse tidy will also help you to keep your plants at their best. Be sure to do a regular cleanout and throw out any old pots or soil bags that are no longer needed. Also be sure to remove weeds and dead plants to prevent diseases. Any dirty tools should be cleaned regularly to reduce to risk of disease. You can also research natural pest removal methods, which will allow you to avoid using harmful insect repellents.

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